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Living Cost in Australia 2018

Knowing the average living costs in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation.

For your reference, here are some of the costs associated with living and studying in Australia (all costs are in Australian dollars).

The costs below are an approximate guide only. Students should be aware that these costs can vary depending on your study location in Australia.


  • Hostels and Guesthouses – $90 to $150 per week
  • Shared Rental – $85 to $215 per week
  • On campus – $90 to $280 per week
  • Homestay – $235 to $325 per week
  • Rental – $165 to $440 per week
  • Boarding schools – $11,000 to $22,000 a year

Other living expenses

  • Groceries and eating out – $80 to $280 per week
  • Gas, electricity – $35 to $140 per week
  • Phone and Internet – $20 to $55 per week
  • Public transport – $15 to $55 per week
  • Car (after purchase) – $150 to $260 per week
  • Entertainment – $80 to $150 per week

Minimum cost of living

The Department of Home Affairs(opens in a new window) has financial requirements you must meet in order to receive a student visa for Australia. From 1st February 2018 the 12 month living cost is:

  • You – $20,290
  • Partner or spouse – $7,100
  • Child – $3,040

All costs are per year in Australian dollars. To convert to your own currency, visit in a new window)

The Australian Government provides information and guidance on managing your finances. You can read more at in a new window)

The ‘Insider Guides Cost of Living Calculator’ is also a useful tool to help estimate your cost of living(opens in a new window) in Australia in a new window).

Best Australian Job and Career Sites

Looking for a job as an international student or working holiday visa holder?  Whether you’re trying to find a job while studying or staying as a working holiday visa holder, the Internet is your best resource for job seeking and career development. You can look for jobs in various industries on many different job boards and you can apply for them online. Some websites also provide information on how to write a resume, ace an interview, or develop your career.

Finding your dream job can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you out, we’ve come up with  best job and career sites in Australia.


LinkedIn is the best site to go to if you’re looking for white collar jobs and senior roles. About 1 in 4 Australians are registered members of LinkedIn, which means there’s around 6 million Aussie users in total. You can create a public or private resume or connect with employers and colleagues.

Jobs become tailored to you based on your job searches, and you can subscribe to certain companies to remain updated on what positions they have available. LinkedIn is also a fantastic way to keep in touch with current and former colleagues, and network with leaders in your relevant industry.


AllJobs is a real-time, meta-crawling job service. You can look for jobs in your area across Australia by job title, description, company name, state, suburb, or region. You can also search for jobs in New Zealand.


ArtsHub is the perfect job board for you if you’re looking for work in the arts, cultural, or creative industries. These include roles in visual arts, architecture, design, performance, and publishing. If you want to apply for jobs, a paid membership is required. The site also features an events calendar and a listing for grants.


Careerjet is a job site where you can find a wide variety of roles. It sources over 40 million job ads from more than 25,000 quality websites from around the world. You can look for jobs in Australia’s metropolitan and regional areas, as well as in other countries. You can also search for jobs by industry.


CareerOne provides thousands of general jobs, plus company profiles, career advice, job hunting tips, employment updates, online courses, and support in writing and building resumes.


Glassdoor is a fast-growing job site, with thousands of jobs ads and a database containing millions of employee reviews, benefits reviews, and salary reports for companies. You can read these before you apply to work for a particular company.

Grad Connection

If you’re looking for a job while studying or you’ve recently graduated from university,Grad Connection is for you. You can search for internships, graduate positions, part-time student jobs, casual positions and more. The site has around 250,000 members. You can use the CV generator tool to build your profile and upgrade it to let employers find you.


Gumtree is the number one classifieds site in Australia. You’ll find tens of thousands of jobs here, including jobs with small businesses. You can also search for jobs in health, sales, retail, and construction.


There are millions of job ads on Indeed which is generated from thousands of job boards, company websites, classifieds, and newspapers. It also has the most candidates compared with other job sites, making it a favorite of many employers. You can upload your resume and allow employers to find your online profile.

Job Seeker

Job Seeker is a government website where you can look for jobs in the following sectors: government, community, health, disability, welfare, youth, and not-for-profit. The job ads are generated from newspapers and other websites across Australia. You can simply enter a keyword and location to find a job.


JobServe provides permanent and contract jobs in Australia to over 8 million registered job seekers. You can search for jobs in telecoms, computer, IT, engineering, sales, finance, and healthcare.


You can search for short-term work at OneShift, such as one-off shifts, casual work, or permanent part-time employment. The site has around 864,000 active job seekers. You can upload a resume or set up a profile and you’ll receive a matching job when a position related to the information you provided is advertised.


Neuvoo is popular among job seekers in Australia, as 78% of them visit the site at least once a month. The site indexes jobs directly from other job boards, placement agencies, and company websites. You can look for jobs based on city, state, region, industry, company, and skills. You can also find out the average salary of popular jobs in Australia.

Salon Staff

Salon Staff is a niche job site, where you can find hairdressing and apprenticeship jobs and information in the hair and beauty industry. You can browse jobs by category and location.


Founded in 1997,Seek is Australia’s number one job site as you can choose from thousands of jobs across the country. You can find jobs by location, classification, and salary. The site has around 5 million candidate profiles, and 3 out of 4 Australians use it when searching for a job. Seek also provides resume storage, application tracking, online training, career advice, and company reviews.


Adzuna collates thousands of jobs from sites including MyCareer and into one place. The advanced search features let you browse jobs by salary, company name, location, date listed and more, meaning you can filter down searches to find jobs that suit your needs perfectly. What’s more, Adzuna offers an exclusive CV evaluator — ValueMyCV — a service that estimates the worth of your CV to see if you’re due for a pay rise.


THEunijobs is the best site to go to if you’re looking to work in higher education, including academic posts (tutor or lecturer), support positions, and senior executive roles. You can also find semester jobs for university students. What’s more, you can save job listings and apply for jobs online.


SpotJobs is Australia’s number one job site for entry-level, part-time, and casual work. You can sign up and select from thousands of local jobs. You can also submit aVisualCV that helps make short-listing faster.

Work while you study in Australia

Working while you study in Australia can help complement your study and living experience. There are a number of reasons you might want to undertake part time work while studying in Australia, including assisting with living expenses and gaining work experience in your study area.

Most student visas allow you to work for up to 40 hours every two weeks while your course is in session, and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break.

Paid work

Australia has a wide range of industries and many have part time employment opportunities, including:

  • Retail – supermarkets, department and clothing stores.
  • Hospitality – cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Tourism – hotels and motels.
  • Construction – construction site as a laborer, tiler, bricklayer, painter
  • Agricultural – farming and fruit-picking.
  • Sales and telemarketing.
  • Administration or Clerical roles.
  • Tutoring.
  • Others – Warehouse worker, Cleaner, Delivery truck driver, Factory hand

If you have existing qualifications and/or professional work experience, you may be able to secure casual or part time work in your field.

Also minimum wage in Australia has been increased from 1st July 2018 to AUD$18.93 an hour, or $719.20 a week and has the 2nd highest national minimum wage in the world


Paid or unpaid internships can be a great way to get exposure to the professional, financial and creative industries. Learn more about getting an internship on the Internships page in the Education System section of this website.


There are many charities and non-government organisations (NGOs) in Australia and they always need volunteers to help out. It can be a great way to meet friends, get some hands on work experience and give back to the community. To find out more about volunteering, start your search at: in a new window)

Your rights

Everyone working in Australia, including international students or those on working holiday visas, have basic rights at work. These rights protect entitlement to:

  • A minimum wage and superannuation.
  • Challenge of unfair dismissal from the job
  • Leave, breaks and rest periods.
  • A healthy and safe work environment.

To find out more about your work rights visit the Australian Government’s Fair Work Ombudsman’s website(opens in a new window) or call them on 13 13 94.

If you’re a temporary resident working in Australia your employer has to pay super for you if you are eligible.

When you leave Australia, you can claim your super as a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) if you meet all the requirements. To find out more about super for temporary residents visit the Australian Taxation Office (opens in a new window)website.

In Australia, employers (your boss) must also do all they can to make sure your job does not hurt you or make you sick. This law is called work health and safety (WHS) or occupational health and safety (OHS).

The law also says your boss must have insurance for you in case you are hurt at work. This is called workers’ compensation. If you are hurt or get sick at work, the insurance may pay for your medical treatment and for your wages until you can work again.

This covers all workers in Australia, even if you are on a temporary visa. Visit Safe Work Australia(opens in a new window) for more information or to download(opens in a new window) the latest checklist.

You will also need to get a tax file number to work in Australia. Visit the Australian Taxation Office(opens in a new window) website to find out more information on getting a tax file number, as well as information about paying taxes in Australia.

Finding Work

There are plenty of ways to find work that suits you, including:

  • Online job site: / / / /
  • Newspapers and online job sites.
  • Some institutions provide job notice-boards on campus and online. Contact your institution’s international student support staff to find out what options your institution offers.
  • Register your details at a recruitment firm; many of them help place people in casual or short-term work.
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Check For SSBT In Sydney!

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Study in Australia? How to?


Your current student or Working Holiday visa in Australia expires soon?

Plan to Study and Work in Australia, but no idea how to start or get information in your country?

Need an experienced and reliable agent, specialised on a Studnet visa processing, Courses and Institutions in Australia for International students?

OZNSTUDY is an Australian based Education Agency which is an experienced organisation, initially founded in Sydney, Australia which aims to provide informed and caring counselling to assist International students in making the best choices to achieve their educational goals.

Feel free to contact or visit us!


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What we do for you in 2016

OZNSTUDY provides  up to dated, professional consulting service to students wishing to study in Australia. Our qualified education consultants will guide you to your goal .

Our growth is largely due to ongoing refferals of our  students who have been receiving excellent services from us.

Don’t worry about communicating with OZNSTUDY. Our consulatation services will be provided in your languages.

Do not hesitate to contact us to or 02 8094 9252(Sydney) or skype us.

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2016 Special Price K
2016 Special Price K
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AIC Christmas

OZNSTUDY(QEAC K 181 & K204) is an official agent of AIC(Australian Ideal College :

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-Acting on behalf of you to communicate with Ability & MEGT : Arrange an on/offshore placement test if you don’t have any official English test to meet the entry requirement of your intended courses, Arrange a Quotation of tuition fee and others, Enrolment processing to Ability & MEGT

-Processing your student visa and communicate with Dept. of immigration and Borders Protection and act for your visa processing as an authorised recipient

– Provide an orientation to settle down your living for the study in Australia once you arrive in Sydney: Creating aa Bank account & Tax File No., Free Air port Pick up, Providing information regarding accommodation and others

– Ongoing Friendly service and responsible support as your agent

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Oznstudy Door
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Thank you, Ability & MEGT from OZNSTUDY

Ability & MEGT, Thank you for the Christmas & New Year gift and 2016 Calendar!

OZNSTUDY(QEAC K 181 & K204) is an official agent of Ability & MEGT.

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What we can do for you is like below:

– Supporting to set up your study plan and provide a Quotation of your intended study

-Acting on behalf of you to communicate with Ability( & MEGT( : Arrange an on/offshore placement test if you don’t have any official English test to meet the entry requirement of your intended courses, Arrange a Quotation of tuition fee with a Special Promotion only from OZNSTUDY and others, Enrolment processing to Ability & MEGT

-Processing your student visa and communicate with Dept. of immigration and Borders Protection and act for your visa processing as an authorised recipient

– Provide an orientation to settle down your living for the study in Australia once you arrive in Sydney: Creating aa Bank account & Tax File No., Free Air port Pick up, Providing information regarding accommodation and others

– Ongoing Friendly service and responsible support as your agent


$1000 Off For Feb 2016 Intake Enrolment To MEGT

$1000 off for Feb 2016 intake Enrolment to MEGT

If you are planning to take a Early Childhood Education and Care Course, Don’t miss out this promotion!

MEGT ( has announced ” $1,000 off for an international students who plan to start their study for Feb 2016 intake!!”


By the Way, You may wonder what career and possibilities in the future you can have after completing this course.

Please refer to below videos and contact us with your more inquiries. OZNSTUDY is a representative agent of MEGT and we will support you from the 1st basic plan to How to come to Australia and  your visa processing by Qualified Australian Education & Visa Experts(QEAC K181 & K204)

Careers in childcare are extremely valuable to society. The work is very important: the first years of a child’s life are critical to their future education and development. But you must have the Certificate III in Children’s Services or a Diploma in Children’s Services – or be studying towards a qualification – to work in child care.

Over 90% of MEGT students are offered work upon completion of their qualification. Many employers come to MEGT Institute seeking employees.

MEGT childcare courses in Sydney and Melbourne can offer childcare training in their purpose built childcare training centre to train students in all areas of working in a child care centre, so they are fully prepared to go straight to work with the confidence in their own skills.

As in Australia, there is an international shortage of qualified skilled hospitality workers.  Training courses at MEGT are Australian Government approved and align with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The AQF makes it possible for your qualification to be recognised by employers or education and other authorities around the world.

You can work overseas with your training, and have the potential to work as a nanny or child care professional and travel the world.

Potential career plans working in child care is like below table.

0 – 5 years’ experience 5 – 10 years’ experience 10+ years’ experience
  • Children’s Services  Educator
  • Children’s Services  Supervisor
  • Child Care Assistant
  • Children’s Services Room Leader
  • Family Day Care Educator
  • Nanny (In Australia and overseas)
  • Outside School Hour Care Educator*
  • Children’s Services Team Leader
  • Centre Manager
  • Children’s Services coordinator
  • Children’s Services Trainer and Assessor
  • Centre Director
  • Inclusion Support Educator
  • Children’s Services Operations Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Cluster Manager

Paid Internship in Child Care Centres

MEGT (Australia) Ltd is a registered Training & Research Sponsor with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship for the Training and Research Visa (TRV) Subclass 402.

MEGT offers its international Diploma graduates the opportunity to train and improve their skills and knowledge with on-the-job training in Children’s Services for up to 12 months. The job role is usually that of a new graduate training towards a managerial position

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